to Cecil Balmond, Untitled #1.
a video conceived by
Delphine Costedoat & Pier Fossey (PETERS ISFI), Overworld.

The inspiration for this video is a playful allusion to a magical moment Pier and I spent in the company of Cecil Balmond in his offices at AGU in July 2009. It shares that magic with the spectator in real time in the light both of Cecil’s research and our own explorations. Since 2003, Cecil has led us, ever more steadily, ever more actively, ever more progressively, towards a new level of meaning. A meaning we seek always with passion and at times despair. Thanks to the thin red line running through the roof space of Hall 2 of the Kunsthal, Rotterdam, thanks to the protean irreverence of this inspired chameleon, to Cecil’s informal aesthetics, thanks to the poetry and grace of his work, to his speculations, his achievements, his written works, his spoken words, thanks to our exchanges and conversations, we hope to continue working with him, fighting to reverse the rate of Disaugmented Reality in our world. This video is a modest expression of our heartfelt respect and profound recognition of who he is, of what he does, and of how he is in this world.

Overworld is an association ‘loi 1901’, established in August 2007. It aims at promoting architectural creation and protecting existing buildings. Its activities also extend to the world of urban design and landscaping, irrespective of geographical limits.
Within Overworld, active groups explore the stimulating crossovers and areas of meaningful exchange between architecture and the worlds of plastic design, photography, cinema and multimedia imagery, and also probe the questions inevitably raised by creative processes of all kinds, investigating and questioning them through innovative forms of experimentation.
Overworld has a number of different hats - publishing house, stage director of exhibitions, a place for communion and shared experiences and cultural mediator seeking contact with a maximum number of publics, to the exclusion of none.
Its principal partners are architects. All those involved in creative processes also welcome.

Delphine Costedoat, art historian and architecture critic, lecturer at Bordeaux University and Bordeaux School of Architecture and Landscape Design. She has enjoyed a wealth of professional experience with arc en rêve centre d’architecture for whom she has worked in partnership since 2003, and has published numerous books within her specialist field.
Pier Fossey, plurimedia specialist, internet site designer, videast, graphic designer, has worked as a consultant with the Bordeaux department of urban design since 2004, and with Cap-Sciences, Bordeaux, since 2009. He has been the creative spirit behind a wide range of installations of international significance, such as those designed and created for arc en rêve centre d’architecture since 1999, exhibitions on the work of Lacaton & Vassal at the AA School of Architecture in London (2004) and the Villa de Noailles (2006), Agora, the architecture, urban design and creative design biennial of the City of Bordeaux (2006) or the recent French pavilion for the Venice architecture biennial (2008).

Delphine Costedoat and Pier Fossey (PETERS ISFI) founded Overworld in 2007, and created ACT!, an architecture and art review with attitude, trilingual (French, English, Russian) whom the 1st issue is to be published in December.