Rodrigo Alonso, Valeria González, Julio Sánchez,
Arte contemporáneo argentino, 2008

The projects undertaken by Tomás Saraceno defy the traditional notion of space, time, gravity, consciousness and perception, as seen in his architectural proposals, whether of a social or community nature, depicting a utopian and participating nature. The sky and the land are interchanged in his installations, the gardens float and the persons fulfill their much longed for desire of flying. Inspired by his interest in introducing changes in the manner of living and experimenting reality, each one of his pieces is an invitation to ponder on alternative ways to know, feel and interact with other people. At the same time Saraceno appeals to the creativeness of the viewers, involving them in situations and actions which demand their ingenuity, their participation and responsibility. His projects also propitiate interrelations and propose an interdependence between spaces, where the focus is on emphasizing the ecological aspect not only of the rural environments but also of the social ones. To a certain extent, his work indicates that the capacity to transform the world is always feasible for those willing to collaborate with its design and construction. The work of Tomás Saraceno is perhaps the set of tools that we were missing.

1973 Born San Miguel de Tucumán – Argentina
Lives and works between and beyond the planet earth.