Cidade de Ninguém

Circo de Ideias

The exhibition «Cidade de Ninguém», curated by Pedro Baía, presents a selection of photographs by Tuca Vieira about the city of São Paulo during the days of lockdown. The exhibition opens this saturday, December 11, around 16:00, with a conversation between Magda Seifert, Pedro Baía and Tuca Vieira.

Tuca Vieira’s visit to Porto was supported by the Landscape, Heritage and Territory Laboratory (Lab2PT) of Minho University.

The photographs are available for purchase at our bookshop and online shop.

Tuca Vieira argues that honesty must be seen today as a revolutionary act. In the world we live in, marked by the proliferation of images and the uncertainty of what is true or false, the creation of new possibilities for critical interpretation becomes increasingly urgent.

Through photography, facing the crisis of the experience of reality, Tuca Vieira demands a critical mapping of cities, in a design traced along the streets, in the urban corners, in the immersion of the landscape. Throughout his photographs, we feel the architect’s gaze blend with the photojournalist’s gaze – a political, investigative gaze, revealing echoes and shadows, lines and between the lines.

In each territory he investigates, Tuca Vieira takes a “leap into the dark” (an expression that gave the title to the book he published this year). This “leap into the dark” also means a critical shock, marked by an open gaze found in the complexity of reality. Whether we are in Pyongyang, Berlin or São Paulo.

Pedro Baía