Manuel Correia Fernandes. 18 Obras


The book «Manuel Correia Fernandes. 18 Obras» was presented via Zoom with the  intervention of Manuel Correia Fernandes, Paulo Providência, Pedro Baía, Carlos Machado e Moura, Matilde Seabra, Artur Santos Silva, Nuno Sampaio, Conceição Melo, João Pedro Xavier, among many others colleagues and friends.

The book, published by Circo de Ideias and edited by Paulo Providência and Pedro Baía, presents 18 works designed between 1966 and the year 2011 by the architect Manuel Correia Fernandes in a selection that pretends to document his project practice, from Casa Zeferino Cruz in Luanda, passing through Cooperativas de Aldoar in Porto, to the Assembleia Legislativa da Região Autónoma dos Açores.

The selection of works was divided chronologically into a structure that groups three different programs — equipment, single-family housing, collective housing — interspersed by a preface by Artur Santos Silva, an interview by Paulo Providência, an essay by Carlos Machado e Moura and an essay by Matilde Seabra.

The book was supported by the Directorate-General for the Arts, the Centre for Social Studies of Coimbra University and EuroBic.