The End is the Beginning

Circo de Ideias

The exhibition «The End is the Beginning», curated by Pedro Baía, presents a selection of drawings from the author Ivo Poças Martins. The opening will take place at Circo de Ideias architecture gallery on the 29th of May, Saturday, around 16:00, with the presence of the author.

The drawings and the two flipbooks are available for purchase at our bookshop and online shop.

In the infinite desktop of the screen, Ivo Poças Martins explores the potential of expressiveness of the autocadian design through the deconstruction of its exclusively technical component.

The drawing in Autocad, as an instrument of architecture, is like a compass: an instrument of geometric precision, rigorous in its lines of composition and projection. This compass, in the hands of Ivo Poças Martins, gains rhythm, movement, in a choreography free from the normative constraints of its matrix, in search of its possibilities.

Between the desire to explore the virtues of drawing and the desire to document the violence of the demolition of the Aleixo towers, Ivo Poças Martins presents a set of drawings that will be inscribed in our memory, capturing stills that deserve to be frozen in time, registered in the eternal frozen layer of the composition of lines. These stills are a reflection of a critical, dense look, at a slow pace, which forces us to stop our attention and thinking.

Pedro Baía