Todas as Direcções

Circo de Ideias

On the 20th of January, Saturday, at 4pm, Circo de Ideias opens the exhibition «Todas as Direcções» with a conversation between Bárbara Silva, the exhibition’s curator, Paula Santos, Pedro Baía and Ricardo Carvalho.

Opened for the first time in October of 2022 at the Note gallery, in Lisbon, this exhibition brings together six models, six drawings and a collection of twelve photographs of the places that were the starting point of the projects by Ricardo Carvalho Arquitectos & Associados studio, as well as diagrams and some images about the current status of each one of the projects – from simulation to construction.

The AICA/MC/Millennium bcp 2022 Architecture Prize was awarded to Ricardo Carvalho for this solo exhibition, which will now be at Circo de Ideias gallery until the 24th of February.