A Recepção do Team 10 em Portugal

Pedro Baía

This book, published by Circo de Ideias, aims to analyse the influence of the ideas developed by Team 10 in the context of Portuguese architectural culture between 1951 and 1981. For an evaluation of the extent of its resonance in Portugal, Pedro Baía proposes a hypothesis for reflection on the various meanings of this reception, seeking to understand how Team 10 was being critically interpreted, disseminated and appropriated. The themes of Team 10 — translated into projects, works, images, quotes, texts and expressions — are understood as a set of reflections that reach Portugal with various intensities. In this sense, this book reveals how the thinking proposed by Team 10, along with other experiences, also participated in the process of critical review of the modern movement in Portugal.

The editorial project was supported by the Marques da Silva Foundation, by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), by the Landscape, Heritage and Territory Laboratory (Lab2PT) of Minho University, by the FAUP Documentation Center, by the Directorate General for Cultural Heritage, by the 25 de Abril Documentation Center and by the SIAF / Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine / Archives d’architecture du XXe siècle.

Circo de Ideias 2020 / author: Pedro Baía / 170×240 / 528p / PT / design: Ana Resende, Sara Steege / isbn: 978-989-54636-2-6


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