Bolívia, 2016

Guilherme Wisnik, Tatewaki Nio

This book, published by Circo de Ideias and authored by Guilherme Wisnik, takes us to Bolivia, on a journey with the photographer Tatewaki Nio, in search of the so-called Neo-Andean architecture.

The book is part of the collection «Journeys» which aim is to construct a map of emotions from unique journeys undertaken by recognised personalities from the architectural culture. A tour around the various continents, but also the universe of its authors.

The editorial project was supported by the Directorate-General for the Arts and by Casa da Arquitectura.

Circo de Ideias 2017 / authors: Guilherme Wisnik, Tatewaki Nio / foreword: Tatewaki Nio / dimensions: 160×210 / pages: 76 / language: português + inglês / design: R2 / isbn 978-989-54131-2-6