Claustro do Rachadouro. Mosteiro de Alcobaça

Nuno Miguel Borges

A memoir on the restoration of the Rachadouro Cloister by Eduardo Souto de Moura. In 2018, even before restoration work on the cloister began, André Príncipe began his photographic essay, finishing in 2023. Francisco Pato de Macedo writes about the eight centuries of history of the Alcobaça Monastery. Nuno Miguel Borges interviews Eduardo Souto de Moura and Luís Peixoto. With the hotel newly inaugurated, José María Sánchez García visits the Rachadouro Cloister and writes about the rehabilitated building.

NMB 2023 / author: Nuno Miguel Borges / texts: Francisco Pato de Macedo, José Maria Sánchez García, Nuno Miguel Borges / photography: André Príncipe / 220×260 / 248p / PT+EN / design: Carvalho Bernau / isbn: 978-989-35308-0-1


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