Climax Change!

Pedro Gadanho

This book, published by Actar Publishers and authored by Pedro Gadanho, offers an overview of how the current environmental emergency will impact the practice of architecture. At a crossroads in which the construction sector and built environment produce nearly 40% of greenhouse gases accountable for global warming, architects are just starting to acknowledge their complicity in an impending disaster.

In need of a paradigm shift similar to that of the Modern Movement, architecture desperately requires clear guidelines and targets towards an eco-friendly design logic. From historical analyses of ecocide or the environmental avant-gardes, to topics such as decarbonization, degrowth, the Great Transition and the aspirations of Green New Deals, this book features 10 essays around today’s climate change debates, bringing them home to architectural thinking.

Actar Publishers 2022 / author: Pedro Gadanho / 185×245 / 256p / EN / design: Ramon Prat Homs / isbn: 978‐194‐87-6567-1


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