Ecological Urbanism

Mohsen Mostafavi, Gareth Doherty (eds.)

While climate change, sustainable architecture and green technologies have become increasingly topical issues, concerns regarding the sustainability of the city are rarely addressed. The premise of Ecological Urbanism is that an ecological approach is urgently needed both as a remedial device for the contemporary city and an organising principle for new cities.

The book brings together practitioners, theorists, economists, engineers, artists, policymakers, scientists and public health specialists, with the goal of providing a multilayered, diverse and nuanced understanding of ecological urbanism and how it might evolve in the future. The promise is nothing short of a new ethics and aesthetics of the urban.

Lars Müller Publishers 2016 / editors: Mohsen Mostafavi, Gareth Doherty / 165×240 / 656p / EN / design: Integral Lars Müller / isbn: 978-3-03778-467-9


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