Fernando Távora. Permanent Modernity

José António Bandeirinha (ed.)

Fernando Távora Permanent Modernity is the title of a project inserted in Guimarães 2012 European Capital of Culture, bringing together an exhibition with the same name, conferences and publications. The exhibition is on the work of Fernando Távora (1923-2005) but, far from the ambition to become monographic or anthological, it aims to provide a cross-reading of the persistent relationship that this work has with the practice of teaching, as a Professor of Architecture. It is a set of documents, belonging either to the field of the design and photography of architecture, either to the scope of existing documentation about his classes, conferences, study visits. The ultimate aim is to include the selected documentation in a whole which coherence can be legible, in a natural way, as natural as it was collected throughout lifetime.

This volume constitutes the exhibition catalog and includes texts by authors who are also present in the conferences. It provides, on the one hand, a critical, comprehensive and diverse view of the work of Fernando Távora and, on the other hand, a strict reading on the records of this same work in different historical contexts, marked out by his activity as a Professor of Architecture.

Casa da Arquitectura 2012 / editor: José António Bandeirinha / texts: José António Bandeirinha, William J. R. Curtis, Jorge Figueira, Manuel Mendes, Max Risselada, Daniele Vitale / design: FBA. / 213×269 / 456p / PT+EN / isbn: 978-989-20-3393-8


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