Flashback / Carrilho da Graça PT

Marta Sequeira (ed.)

By exploring Carrilho da Graça’s conceptual process through analepsis, starting from the present and advancing retrospectively towards the beginning of his career, this book reflects the founding principles of the architect’s work. It is structured around the contents of the Flasbback / Carrillo da Graça exhibition held at the Casa da Arquitectura (Portugal) from April 2022 to January 2023: ten built projects – from the Lisbon Cruise Terminal (2010-2018) to the Fonte Fria House (1985-1988)- and various references from Julião Sarmento’s Blue, Red, Yellow (2018) to Kazimir Malevich’s Arditectone: Alpha (1923). This record is further interspersed with texts and transcriptions of statements by individuals who have contributed to the development of Carrilho da Graça’s work and paradigmatic domain and by other thinkers who add to the required historical and critical analysis of the work of one of contemporary architecture’s most productive figures.

Casa da Arquitectura 2022 / editor: Marta Sequeira / texts: Delfim Sardo, Guilherme Carrilho da Graça, João Gomes da Silva, Kenneth Frampton, Marco Mulazzani e Marta Sequeira / 210×290 / 268p / PT / design: Atelier Pedro Falcão / isbn: 978-989-54479-8-5


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