Histórias Simples. Textos sobre Arquitectura e Cinema

Luís Urbano

“Even though we often forget, architecture, in films as in reality, dilutes in life. In portraying architecture in the way that it is lived, cinema, more than any other means of representation, has the ability to draw us into the spatial experience. (…) Through a myriad of techniques and observation points, cinema brings the city and its buildings front and centre, allowing for an analytical gaze over their spatiality, and thus turning into a valuable instrument to understand the architectural phenomenon.” ‘Histórias simples’ [Straight stories] gathers essays by Luis Urbano, which were presented or published in different contexts, on the intersections between architecture and cinema, discussing the ways in which these two distinct and yet complementary disciplines meet.

AMDJAC 2013 / author: Luís Urbano / 170×230 / 136p / PT / design: Ana Palma Silva, Ana Resende / isbn: 978-989-98494-1-9


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