Humberto Roberto e a Nefologia

João Rosmaninho

At the beginning of 2018, in the second half of January and northwest of the Madeira archipelago, Humberto Roberto was shipwrecked as he recorded the largest cloud ever formed over land or sea. Had it not been an imprudent ex-journalist and the event would have sunk unknown, as it had been for almost the entire life of that anonymous but curiously named individual.

The book is a set of three pieces (a short story, an interview and a selection of images) that constitute everything that it was possible to gather about one of the most exceptional nephologists of the modern era. After all, we are dealing with someone who named forms, established methods and specified sub-classes of clouds… while discovering, by chance, that they too are born, die and become extinct, like all species, like all of us.

Author edition 2022 / author: João Rosmaninho / 148×210 / 112p / PT / cover’s photography: João Rosmaninho / isbn: 978-989-33-2953-5


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