Mies e a gata Niebla. Ensaios sobre arquitectura e cosmopolítica

Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation

This book, published by Circo de Ideias, presents a set of essays by the architect Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation.

Andrés Jaque’s work has brought about a radical transformation in the way architecture is understood, communicated and practised. His work, through micro-history, reveals architectures apparently omitted from the histories of architecture, its archives and its operating platforms. If the great histories have focused on works, characters and events that confirm the relationship between the discipline and power structures, Jaque insists on the protagonism of agents — human and non-human — who act in everyday life and who are fundamental to better understanding the policies of contemporary spaces.

Andrés Jaque (1971) is an architect with a PhD from Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura in Madrid. In 2003, he founded the Office for Political Innovation, the office from which he develops his architecture, research and curatorship projects. The book «Mies y la gata Niebla», published by Puente Editores in 2019, is the first publication to bring together essays by Andrés Jaque, having been selected for the 2020 FAD Awards, in the Thought and Criticism category. In 2022, Circo de Ideias publishes the book «Mies and the Niebla cat», in a Portuguese edition translated by Pedro Baía.

The translation of this book was supported by the Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte de España.

Circo de Ideias 2022 / author: Andrés Jaque/Office for Political Innovation / prologue: Antoni Muntadas / introduction: Marina Otero / translation: Pedro Baía / translation support: Rita Fernandes / proofreading: Beatriz Takahashi, Eduarda Silva, Expressão, Rita Fernandes / 110×180 / 208p / PT / photomontage on the cover: Paulo Mariz / design: Catarina Matos / isbn: 978-989-54636-8-8