Tau Tavengwa, Vyjayanthi Rao

Multiplicity features the work of practices from across the globe experimenting in a myriad of ways with architecture. Often working in challenging environmental, social, and political conditions, these practitioners are pushing the boundaries of architectural practice. In the process, they challenge our established definition of what architecture is while reclaiming and redefining it as a potent tool to fight for environmental, economic, and social equity and justice. An agile, new architecture of institutions and community, mirroring and learning from the uncertainties of our time is emerging in the process. Here are a few examples.

Circo de Ideias + Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2022 / editors: Tau Tavengwa, Vyjayanthi Rao / featuring: African Centre for Cities, Better Living Challenge, Bookworm Pavilion, Casa do Vapor, Community Fridge, Dark Matter University, Friendship Bench, Gomos System, Habitabis, Hunnarshala, Foundation Ibasho House, La Granja Transfronteriza, Let’s Build Great Things, Mohalla Clinics, Omar Yousef, Plugin House, Wiki House & Dark Matter Labs / 170×225 / 138p / EN / design: barbara says… / isbn: 978-989-53836-1-0