O Mundo às Costas

Pedro Bandeira

The book «O Mundo às Costas», authored by Pedro Bandeira, presents itself as the first volume (2001-2021) of a “universal story” from the 21st century — obviously a delusion although factual. This story (built from newspaper clippings) is accompanied by a brief essay and a photographic narrative of the places that structure the author’s daily life. Not being a book of disciplinary character, the architecture (and the architecture without architects) turns out to be the transversal theme that expresses all the complexity that characterises our society.

Pierrot le Fou 2022 / author: Pedro Bandeira / 240×340 / 136p / PT / photographies: Pedro Lobo / cover image: Artur Loureiro / design: Studio Dobra / isbn: 978‐989‐33-2689-3


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