Os grandes trabalhos e o desejo da cidade de exceção

Paulo Tormenta Pinto, Ana Brandão (eds.)

The Lisbon International Exhibition (Expo’98) was a laboratory that had a significant impact on the urban and architectural field, establishing a paradigm for the quality of spaces within the city. In the following decades, several public policies and intervention initiatives took this urban operation as their main reference.

In this book, the experience of Expo’98 is the central point to explore the changes that occurred in Portugal, after the great event at the end of the century, in terms of urban planning.

Based on contributions from researchers and consultants from different scientific areas – architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, sociology, economics, geography – different issues and scales of analysis are brought to the table.

This analysis of urban and architectural culture paves the way for a broad debate about a new time marked by the uncertainties of war, climate change and social asymmetries.

Circo de Ideias 2023 / editors: Paulo Tormenta Pinto, Ana Brandão / texts: Alexandra Belo, Álvaro Domingues, Ana Brandão, Ana Elísia Costa, Ana Vaz Milheiro, Gabriela Gonçalves, Inês Coyolla, João Ferrão, João Maria Costa, Jorge Bassani, Jorge Cancela, José Luís Saldanha, Luís Ribeiro, Manuel Salgado, Maria Assunção Gato, Marta Magalhães, Nuno Tavares da Costa, Paulo Tormenta Pinto, Pedro Costa, Pedro Pinto, Rita Zina, Rui Mendes, Sara Silva Lopes, Stefano di Vita, Teresa Madeira da Silva, Vítor Matias Ferreira, Vítor Mingacho / 170×240 / 324p / PT+EN / design: vivóeusébio / isbn: 978-989-53415-9-7