Palladio e o Moderno

José Miguel Rodrigues

This book, published by Circo de Ideias and authored by José Miguel Rodrigues, with a preface by Joana Couceiro, brings together two essays in a single lesson: the public class with the title «Palladio e o Moderno», presented as part of an aggregation test in History of Modern Architecture, and its sequel, about the architectural thinking of Eduardo Souto de Moura.

The book is part of the collection «Lições de Arquitectura», an editorial project that aims to bring together a set of classes that portray contemporary thinking about the theory and practice of architecture.

The editorial project was supported by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) and the Center for Studies in Architecture and Urbanism from Porto University (CEAU).

The book won the FAD Awards 2021 of Thought and Criticism category.

Circo de Ideias 2020 / author: José Miguel Rodrigues / preface: Joana Couceiro / 140×230 / 108p / PT / design: Inês Nepomuceno, Mariana Marques/ isbn: 978-989-54636-1-9