Loreta Castro Reguera, José Pablo Ambrosi

Through eight essays focusing on pressing issues in the architectural and urban design fields, Retroactive reflects on the challenges and opportunities in addressing broken cities, which fail to provide services and optimal liveable conditions to their inhabitants, and in which one third of humanity dwells. Migration, land tenure, water, sanitation, overcrowding, waste, violence and mobility are the guiding topics explored by the authors, creating a heterogeneous corpus of knowledge nurturing past, present, and future discussions on the fragile and constantly evolving relationship between human life and its environment.

Circo de Ideias + Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2022 / editors: Loreta Castro Reguera, José Pablo Ambrosi / authors: Alberto Bolaños, Anthony Acciavatti, Cary Siress, José Pablo Ambrosi, Jota Samper, Kate Ascher, Laila Iskandar, Loreta Castro Reguera, Marc Angélil, Pablo Goldin, Rahul Mehrotra, Román Meyer, Sol Camacho / 170×225 / 120p / EN / design: barbara says… / isbn: 978-989-33-3797-4