The Architecture of Closed Worlds

Lydia Kallipoliti

What do space capsules, submarines, and office buildings have in common?
Each is conceived as a closed system: a self-sustaining physical environment demarcated from its surroundings by a boundary that does not allow for the transfer of matter or energy. As partial reconstruction of the world in time and in space, closed systems identify and secure the cycling of materials necessary for the sustenance of life.

This book presents an archive of 37 historical living prototypes from 1928 to the present that put forth an unexplored genealogy of closed resource regeneration systems. From the space program to countercultural architectural groups experimenting with autonomous living, Closed Worlds documents a disciplinary transformation and the rise of a new environmental consensus in the form of a synthetic naturalism.

Lars Müller Publishers 2018 / author: Lydia Kallipoliti / 200×270 / 300p / EN / design: Pentagram / isbn: 978-3-03778-580-5


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