Arthur Erickson on Learning Systems

Arthur Erickson

First volume of the Building Arguments series conceived and co-published with Concordia University Press, Arthur Erickson on Learning Systems curates a selection of writings, conserved in the CCA collection, by an architect advocating for interdisciplinarity in his approaches to education and methods for sharing knowledge.

The writings selected are put into dialogue as outlining the evolution of Erickson’s thinking, starting with his vision for the development of his mid-1960s masterpieces, the Simon Fraser University campus, his considerations of the evolution of the campus decades later, together with, in a broader scope, his vision on the evolution of education.

CCA 2022 / autor: Arthur Erickson / autor da introdução: Melanie O’Brian / 110×180 / 88p / EN / design: Sean Yendrys / isbn: 978-1-988111-31-5




Colecção Canadian Centre for Architecture