JACK 1. Journal on Architecture and Cinema

Luís Urbano, Francisco Ferreira, João Rosmaninho (eds.)

JACK was born from the academic research project Silent Rupture, Intersections between Architecture and Cinema, Portugal 1960-1974, that set out to explore the overlaps between the production and criticism on architecture and cinema in the Portuguese cultural and political context of those years. But JACK wants to broaden that experience, to go back and forth in time, far and close in place and beyond the academic sphere.

Drawing from a range of diverse disciplinary approaches, JACK looks at how architectural and urban space, real or staged, are fundamental to cinema and the way in which film, in its multiple dimensions, may become a key instrument within the creative process and the perception of architecture. JACK explores this juxtaposition of filmic discourse and architectural design, to propose a spatial reading of film and a filmic take on architecture, crossing and diluting the boundaries between the two. This is, therefore, a journal in which architecture and cinema are never to be taken separately.

AMDJAC 2013 / editores: Luís Urbano, Francisco Ferreira, João Rosmaninho / autores: Abílio Hernandez Cardoso, Francisco Ferreira, João Mário Grilo, François Penz, Luís Urbano, António-Pedro Vasconcelos, Eduardo Prado Coelho, Paulo Rocha, João Rosmaninho / 187×279 / 84p / EN / design: Ana Palma Silva, Ana Resende / issn: 2183-0231



Colecção JACK — Journal on Architecture and Cinema