MOMENTUM IV. On Authorship

MOMENTUM is an architectural magazine that allows readers to create their own reference and imaginarium wall combining the cards of every issue.

The fourth issue of MOMENTUM, On Authorship, addresses the debate on authorship in architecture. From an initial point of view, who is really the author of the architectural work: who is the idea or who produces it? This journey through a collection of short texts leads us to address different perspectives on the figure of the “creator” and his natural relationship with the work, from the formal quality to the means of production.

MOMENTUM 2021 / autores: André Tavares, Cazú Zegers, Davide Tomasso Ferrando, Diego del Pozo Barriuso, Jorge Flores, José Luis Uribe, Juan Pablo Rodriguez Frade, Lys Villalba, Laura Bonell + Daniel López-Dòriga, Moisés Puente, Paula Vilaplana de Miguel, Smiljan Radic, Sofía Miláns / 148×210 / EN


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