TC Prospectiva. NOARQ

Identifying, understanding and reacting to the specific characteristics of the site are obligatory steps, essential prerequisites in José Carlos Nunes de Oliveira’s design process and present in all his built work.

This monograph collects the best of the production of his office NOARQ in the last decade, 2012-2021, with careful graphics both in drawings, photographs and construction details, which allow us to know in an exhaustive way the work of this Portuguese architect.

An architect who, still influenced by his close collaboration with masters of the stature of Álvaro Siza, has created his own method where drawing plays a fundamental role in each of the stages of the process.

With a foreword by Paolo Marcolin and an extensive interview with Darío Álvarez where he deals with the process and its influences when it comes to projecting.

General de Ediciones de Arquitectura 2021 / 230×295 / 244p / EN+ES  / isbn: 978-84-17753-29-0


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